What is your totem?

A totem can be defined in many ways, but generally it is considered to be an emblem or embodiment- either of yourself, your family, your group, or your faith. A totem can be an animal, a saint, an angel, a deity or an ancestor- anything that speaks to you and helps focus your spiritual energy.

This is Totem’s mission:  to help you find that thing that inspires you and helps you be your highest self.

Rachel White, an Atlanta-based shamanic practitioner and spiritual consultant, can help you along your journey- whether it is through divination, tarot card readings, energy work, or shamanic services and  “medicine”.

Rachel draws from a robust and cross-cultural spiritual toolkit to assist her clients in accessing their personal spirituality, gain insights into the future, and facilitate prosperity and domestic bliss.

Consultations are made my appointment only- if interested, please email rachel@totem-readings.com for details and availability.


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